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Welcome to Hamleys – the world of never-ending fun, wonderful toys and games and last but not least: amazing attractions! To explore and try them all, you will need one little card – oh wait, it’s me, the Hamleys Card! Always keep me in your pocket, and then all that’s left is to jump straight into the magic world of toys and fun!

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Benátský kolotoč Hamleys Benátský kolotoč Hamleys

Venetian style carousel

What a dream, right? A colossal carousel full of hopping wooden horses and comfy royal carriages – all of them gleam, sparkle and the music is playing loud. So, what are you waiting for? Jump on and let the ride begin!

You will need me for this attraction.
CZK 50 / one ride

Bludiště - Hamleys Bludiště - Hamleys

The mirror maze

Everything at Hamleys is so much fun – even when one gets lost! Enjoy a lot of fun in a modern mirror maze full of special laser effects and mysterious music background. As soon as you will find a way out, another funny activity will be awaiting: distorted mirrors at the end of the maze will reflect you and your friends in the most bizarre shapes and forms!

Entrance fee: 100 CZK/person
400 CZK/family


Experience a whole new level of fun with arcade games! Playing means winning. The reward: eternal fame and tickets that are exchangeable for great prizes, for example iPhone or Playstation 5. Anyone who enters is a winner. Those who exit even more.

Gamecity is located on the 1st floor in Hamleys Na Příkopě and offers you more than 20 arcade games – such as Airhockey, Jurassic Park, Mario Kart, Moto GP, Nerf and many others!

Game credit: CZK 250, CZK 500 or CZK 1,500.
The price for one game is from 19 to 39 CZK.

Bagry - Hamleys Bagry - Hamleys


Who has not ever dreamt of becoming an excavator operator? The feeling of being able to control a machine just by pulling the levers and pushing the buttons, digging the holes and moving loads of various stuff… Well, you can fulfill even this dream of yours at Hamleys! Just get behind the levers and go for it! There are 12 thousand of colorful balls, so you won’t ever be short of the material!

You will need me for this attraction.
25 CZK/ one game

Závodní auta - Hamleys Závodní auta - Hamleys

Racing cars

Ready, set… GO! A car race has just started and the hero in this race is you. Compete against your friends or whoever will be brave enough to accept your challenge. Whose remote-control car will finish first and win?

You will need me for this attraction.
25 CZK / one ride

Virtual Reality herna - Hamleys Virtual Reality herna - Hamleys

Virtual reality playroom

Wow, this is something you don’t just experience every day! Come and dive with me into to the fantasy world of virtual reality. All you have to do is to put on a special headset, grasp the controllers and have fun! Your friends or parents can watch everything you do on the screen, no matter if you are just chasing through the battlefield in Blue Effect, cutting the fruit in the popular Fruit Ninja or becoming a cook, a mechanic or a painter! Get ready, the game is about to begin!

You will need me for this attraction.
100 CZK / one game

Motýli dům - Hamleys

The butterfly house

Go explore the basement of Hamleys, a huge surprise is waiting for you there! Just with one wave of the magic wand, you will find yourself in the middle of an abandoned mysterious temple, surrounded by the tropical forest. The ambient temperature will be 26°C and up to 600 colourful butterflies will fly all around you. Observe as the winged beauties are hatching into this world and become the witness of the first day of their lives. And last but not least, do not forget to take photos!

You get 15% discount on this attraction with me.

Adults – CZK 150 | Children – CZK 100 | Family 2+1 or 2+2 – CZK 350 | Family 2+3 or more – CZK 400

Golem VR - Hamleys Golem VR - Hamleys

Golem VR

Enter the biggest VR attraction in Europe. Grab a backpack, put on VR glasses and the fun begins! All your senses will be immered in this unique multisensory experience. You’ll be teleported to Prague at the end of the 16th century, where you’ll meet the legendary Rabbi Löw. Together you‘ll find out the story behind the mythical Golem and witness his awakening during a mystic ritual.

450 CZK/game
15% discount for Hamleys card holders. The discount does not apply to the family or special offer tickets.

Mercuria Laser Game

This modern Laser Game Arena will take you on an epic journey through the entire World! During the match you will explore locations inspired by Asia, Russia, USA, France or the frozen Antarctica. The arena can accomodate up to 10 players and you will get our cutting edge equipment. Fight as a team or battle everyone in the free-for-all mode. The choice is yours!

Entrance fee – 200 CZK adults | 190 CZK kids/students

Hamleys card holders – 150 CZK

Schoolkids – 250 CZK / 3 games | 100 CZK/1 game*

*prices valid for 1 person until 3pm

Arachnoid VR

Brave participants of the underground rescue mission are equipped with VR goggles and a special backpack. Each group of up to 4 players also gets a flashlight – to help them better navigate in dark tunnels covering the area of more than 250 m².

However, for a successful return to the surface, all expedition members will have to demonstrate courage, insight, and teamwork during the mission. The entrance to the arena opens every 5 minutes for yet another group of bold spirits – so do not waste your time and set off for a unique adventure!

450 CZK/game
15% discount for Hamleys card holders. The discount does not apply to the family or special offer tickets.

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