Celebrate your birthday in the world of never-ending fun!

Throw your party at Hamleys and enjoy the best birthday experience together with all your friends.
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Choose the style of your party

First, choose what your party will be like. Do you want to celebrate in a Caribbean tavern full of capering pirates? Or would you rather dress up as superheroes with your friends? Or maybe you would prefer an all-girls party for princesses?

Narozeniny v Hamleys Narozeniny v Hamleys

Put together your dream birthday party programme

Your party will be tailored to fulfil all your wishes. Just let us know what you would like to do the most! Do you want a tattoo studio where you and your friends could get some glittery face tattoos? Or do you want a magician to come and perform some of his best magic tricks? Or what about a solid aeronautical entertainment with a remote-control drone? Just choose whatever you want from the plenty of options!

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And what about presents?

Of course! What a birthday would it be without presents? Even we at Hamleys have one for you! You’ll get a Hamleys card with a credit worth CZK 3,000! Wow! With that much credit, you can really enjoy a lot of fun!

Narozeniny v Hamleys

Sweets and snacks

The basis of every good party are, of course, refreshments – so just tell us what you’d like to eat and drink, and we will arrange it for you. Sandwiches? A cake? Tons of sweets? Just choose! But if you prefer home-made food and titbits from your mum, there’s no problem in that: just tell us, and you can bring your own food.

Narozeniny v Hamleys Narozeniny v Hamleys

It will never be THE party without our bear!

Every time something important happens at Hamleys, our bears cannot miss it! And your birthday celebration certainly cannot be an exception. Our bear Hamley and his partner Hattie will take care of the good mood and entertainment at your party, so that everything could go smooth and your party would become the best party in the whole world!

Narozeniny v Hamleys Narozeniny v Hamleys

Photos – so you won’t forget!

It will be an unforgettable party indeed! But if you want others to talk about it for many, many years, it’s good to take some pictures! We will arrange a photographer for you, who will catch all the beautiful moments with your friends and family, so that you could save the photos in your photo album.