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It all began with one dream came true

The founder of our toy shop, William Hamley from Great Britain, grew up in English Cornwall. He simply could have become a mine worker or a fisherman according to the local county’s tradition. Luckily for us, that did not happen.

O Hamleys
Cornwall in England

Ever since he was a child, William had one big dream – to open the finest toy shop in the world.

O Hamleys
O Hamleys
Traditionally, fishing was a way of living
In 1760, William Hamley opened his very first toy shop Hamleys in London. And the fun could finally begin!

Hamleys becomes a phenomenon

William’s love for toys was just as strong as his goal to see a smile on little children’s faces. That’s why the store was soon full of rag dolls, tin soldiers, rocking horses and other at-that-time popular toys, which the kids could see and try in person.

By the time Queen Victoria ascended the throne of the United Kingdom, Hamleys had already been a well-known brand.

O Hamleys
O Hamleys
Queen Victoria

The most famous toy store has a new address

The shelves of the store started to fill up with not only puppets, magic lanterns and model ships, but also with sports equipment, cricket bats and footballs.

Hamleys toy store even launched, as the fist in the world, a new game with two paddles and one jumping ball onto the market – ping-pong!

Regent Street - Hamleys
O Hamleys
First Hamleys’ branch

Black Friday

The Great Depression at the end of 1920’s affected Hamleys severely, just as many other enterprises. The businesses stopped, and the children’s laughter went silent at our toy store.

Hamleys had to stop the horse wagons with toy deliveries, thus the store was closed for a few years.

O Hamleys
O Hamleys
Hard times even for Hamleys
Walter Lines, a businessman from London, took over William Hamley’s idea and tried to restore the long-gone fame of the finest toy store in the world at Regent Street.

Rebirth of the finest toy shop in the world

Not long after that, children’s laughter and customers returned to the store, which together with a lucrative contract was kind of a reward to Walter Lines. In 1938, Hamleys was officially named a supplier of toys for the British royal family (and it still is!). So, Hamleys was back on track!

Historie o Hamleys
Historie o Hamleys
Walter Lines
Walter Lines

The company of Walter Lines and his two brothers – Tri-ang Toys, was the world’s bigger toy producer in 1947.


Air battle above the roof of Hamleys

In 1940, Europe was tossed by World War II and the air battle over the Great Britain took place just above the roofs of Hamleys in London. However, the toy store survived five air strikes and the German Luftwaffe bombing altogether.

O Hamleys
The power of William Hamleys’ amazing idea wasn’t stopped even by the biggest war conflict of the 20th century.

Even during the Blitz, the employees with helmets were running into the store to hand over the toys at the main entrance.

Historie o Hamleys

Never-ending fun across the whole world!

Hamleys’ popularity was constantly on the rise during the 20th century and soon, the toy store at Regent Street became the world phenomenon

Today, Hamleys runs 70 branches in 21 countries across the whole planet.
Historie o Hamleys
O Hamleys
Regent Street in London

Hamleys in the very heart of Europe

In May 2016, the dream of William Hamley also spread to the Czech Republic. The store at Prague’s famous street Na Příkopě opened its gates and offered all the customers the unique concept of a giant toy store merged with an amusement park. Thousands of toys, loads of attractions and 4 floors full of fun! That’s Hamleys in Prague – the dream which really came true!

With its size, Hamleys Prague is among the biggest in Europe!

Hamleys Praha
Hamleys Praha - otevření
Hamleys is finally in the Czech Republic!
O Hamleys
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