Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions for Organizing Birthday Parties at Hamleys Store


1. Hamleys toy store, operated by Inexad s.r.o., ID number 28958055, with its main office at Na Příkopě 854/14, Nové Město, 110 00 Praha 1, traditionally organizes birthday parties for children. Everyone can book a party through narozeniny.hamleys.cz website, where all important contact information is stated.
2. These terms and conditions apply only to consumers, meaning the persons who act out of their business activities towards us.
3. For successful order, you must first book the date and send the filled form ‘Guide to Hamleys Birthday’ (further named just ‘the Form’), in which you can order extra services to your basic birthday package – you will receive an email confirming whether both steps were successful, together with all the other information needed.
4. The final price is made before the final order, so that you could find out exactly how much and for what you would pay beforehand. Generally, the price is made on the grounds of the quotation in the Form.
5. By sending the Form you confirm your interest in organizing a birthday party at Hamleys Prague. To finish your order, it is necessary to agree with these terms and conditions which will further manage our business relations.
6. The booking is complete and firm in the moment of receiving an acknowledgment of your order.
7. Due to organizational reasons, it is necessary to book the party at least 7 days prior to the anticipated date of the party.

Payment Conditions

1. It is necessary to pay for your party within 5 days from receiving a confirmation of your booking.
2. You can make your payment either at Hamleys, Na Příkopě854/14 in Prague, or by bank transfer. You can find the payment details in your booking confirmation.

Withdrawal and Cancellation Policy

1. We understand the complexity of family life therefore you have a right to withdraw from the agreement within 14 days from the day you created your order.
2. Because organizing a birthday party is not an easy matter, it is not possible to withdraw from the agreement later than 14 days before the planned date of the event because that is just the time when we start planning all the stuff related to your party. If you book your party less than 14 days before you want to have it, you demand an explicit request to start with planning the party immediately.
3. If you cannot attend the party for any reason, you can set a different date with our coordinator or withdraw from the agreement.
4. Nevertheless, the withdrawal given between 14 and 7 days before the planned date of the party leads to a charge of 50% of the arranged price of the party. If you cancel the party later, meaning less the 7 days before the planned date of the party, you will be charge 100% of the price of the party.
5. Withdrawal and cancellation of the party must be send via email to from the email address which was used to make the original booking. You must indicate ‘WITHDRAWAL’ or ‘CANCELLATION’ as the subject of the email and you must specify exactly which party you cancel, particularly you must indicate the date of the party and the name of the ordering person. The withdrawal and cancellation come to an effect in the moment of delivering the withdrawal email.
6. Withdrawal from our side is possible only in case of objective operational or technical reasons, particularly in case of accident in the store or emerging health risks for the participants of the party, etc.

Other Conditions

1. In case we will not be able to provide any part of your order due to the third parties services, the price of your party will be lowered by the price specified in your order.
2. We kindly remind you that just as other customers of our Hamleys store, the participants of the party are obliged to observe the Hamleys visitors’ rules. It is particularly important to follow the instructions given by the staff.
3. By agreeing with these terms and conditions you also agree with using the photos or videos taken by our staff or partners for marketing purposes. However, we will never publish the names of the persons pictured in the photos or videos, unless you agree with such thing in writing.

Privacy Policy

1. By agreeing with these terms and conditions you also agree with processing and saving the personal details you provided by the managing body of Hamleys, in accordance with the Act on Privacy Policy (101/2000) for the purpose of execution of the agreement.
2. Hamleys’ managing body will not provide your personal details to the third parties, unless it is necessary to execute our obligations towards you.

Dispute Settlement

1. Mutual disputes between the seller and the buyer are under the authority of the municipal courts.
2. The buyer who is also a consumer, has a right for out-of-court settlement of the consumer dispute from the purchase agreement or the agreement on providing services, in accordance with the Act No. 634/1992 on the consumer protection. The organization that is authorized to solve the out-of-court dispute settlements is the Czech Trade Inspection Authority. You can find more detailed information at www.coi.cz.